Let Us Help Your Child Learn Somali At Their
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What is Afhooyo?

Afhooyo is a language learning platform that provides some of the most convenient and affordable online Somali language, culture, and history classes. All of our teachers are certified Somali educators, and proctor all classes based on a modern Somali language curriculum. We provide detailed training in Somali grammar, structure, and vocabulary, and have structured our program to help your child learn the Somali language and culture at a pace that is all their own, while working from comfort of your own home.

How It Works

We’ve made it super simple to get your child started today!



Start by signing your child up for a 1-on-1 online Somali language course or for one of our group courses that support up to five (5) students.

During that first session, one of our certified educators will assess your child’s aptitude level to establish a customized lesson plan

Once the assessment has been completed, your child will be paired with one of our educators and will be able to begin signing into online sessions.

Why Online education?

In an age where children are surrounded by technology and screens, there is arguably no better way to capture the attention and interest of this younger generation. Afhooyo literally turns your child’s screen time into a
positive educational experience.

Look At The Awesome Benefits Of Afhooyo’s Online Somali Course For Kids

Understanding Spoken Language

Through the practice of consistently speaking with their teacher in the Somali language, watching video clips and listening to audio, your child will be able to understand Somali by ear.

Reading Comprehension

We implement a Somalian grammar and vocabulary study regimen that helps young children master the
rules of reading so that your child will be able to comprehensibly read books written in the Somali language.

Speaking + Correct Pronunciation

Students begin to speak Somali almost from the first lesson! Then they use that acquired knowledge to speak competently, fluently and with a good pronunciation.

Getting Started Is Easy!

You Don’t Even Have To Do Anything To Get Setup.


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Help Your Child Log-In

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